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Introducing Clarity

One can plan for anything, but should always be prepared to expect it to end up differently. Ten years ago I started a CA firm. “But what have you done for me lately?” said the unrelenting anxiety of being.

Well here it is, welcome to Clarity NPO! Welcome to the fall of 2019 and the rise of my new reality.  

The Present 

Soon I will talk about the future.

Today, as I start this piece, it is 6:00am I have finished my morning run (yes, I run now) and I am sitting in my luxurious office, at 7:00am Joanne will text me and I will walk back to the house to have coffee, read a paper and share some time together, before the day really gets rolling. Idyllic! 

The photo at the head of the story was just taken. I walked to the door of my garage stepped into the yard and took a picture of the house.  It is dark, but the camera says otherwise. My luxurious office is my garage, or as I call it, The Garoffice. I have a desk, a couple of monitors, and a friend gave me a printer. Over my left shoulder is the truck, over the right is the car. Flint sleeps about 2 feet away. It is simple and I love it.  

When the weather is good!

The Future

I hope this is something we will share, that is why I am writing this article to you. 

Clarity NPO is about supporting Charities and Not-for-Profit organizations like this:

  1. You should know more about your financial statements than your auditor does. I want you to learn the comfort of confidence in your reporting. That is Clarity.
  2. Your goals are hard to reach, because change is difficult and your society is in the business of change. I need you to have the security of establishing budgets and goals that you will achieve. We provide the power to budget financial goals of growth and achievement. That is Clarity
  3. The role of management as it relates to the governance of the board is always ebbing and flowing. Your organization is unique and will achieve more as those roles are clarified.  Success means that your unique structure is working for you. Management and the board should feel comfortable in their governance role, knowing how to support each other. We coach governance and, yes, that is Clarity 

Clarity NPO is unique. Our team wants only to see you achieve your dreams. We are thrilled by seeing your success.

I do not exist in a vacuum, many people support me, and in future articles and interviews, I look forward to introducing you to some of the great people I have the pleasure to work with and support. 

For now, I have a favour to ask. This is the first piece for Clarity NPO and I want you to do three things for me:

  1. Please leave a comment on the blog or where you find this (good or bad) and I will endeavour to suffer the slings and arrows only briefly, before I take arms…  Your feedback will make me stronger.
  2. Please post this article on your social media, because it will help me grow my entity and support more charities and NPOs.
  3. Please help me reach out to the not for profit organizations that you know and love, so we can work together to achieve their vital mission statements. Just forward this to those organizations you support and believe in.

If we haven’t met and you are wondering how much to believe, that is so easy. Just go to Clarity’s Website and look at the people we support and the testimonials. During my professional career I have supported many organizations and we grow because our clients refer us. 

Together we will change the world.

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