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Some of our favourite NPOs and support for them:

  1. BC Non-Profit Housing Association – This is the link to the BC Non-Profit Housing Association
  2. Lookout Society – For housing and health on the West Coast link to the Lookout Society
  3. The Honour House Society – A Home away for home for those who serve on the front lines, is linked here
  4. L’Arche – A link to L’arche, is a link to relationship and belonging
  5. PLAN – Link here to the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network – a network of caring relationships
  6. Plan Institute – Plan Institute works to improve the lives of people with disabilities and is linked here
  7. BC and Yukon Book Prizes – BC Book Prizes exists to recognize and promote the achievements of the book community
  8. Phoenix Chamber Choir – The Phoenix Chamber Choir is one of Canada’s finest vocal ensembles, visit them here
  9. The Vancouver Chamber Choir – The Vancouver Chamber Choir is a Vancouver tradition


Some software we admire, use and support:

  1. QuickBooks Online – QuickBooks Online is a software that we are certified to support
  2. Sage 50 – Sage 50 used to be called Simple Accounting, we’ve been supporting it for years
  3. Adagio Accounting – Adagio is used by one of our favourite clients and has a big role in NPO support


Some government links:

  1. The Government of Canada – This is a link to the main website for the Government of Canada
  2. The Government of BC – This is a link to the main website for the Government of British Columbia
  3. The CRA – This is a link to the main site of the Canada Revenue Agency


If you want financial resources:

  1. Bank of CanadaThis link to the Bank of Canada gets you rates and reports 
  2. Government of BCThis links you to BC’s Ministry of Finance and is full of great information for businesses in BC
  3. BC On LineThis link is your internet access point to electronic services in BC


Some regulation guys:

  1. SedarUse this link to Sedar to get access to most public securities documents and information filed by public companies
  2. BCSCUse this to connect to the BC Securities Commission, they handle the policies for securities