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Our Services

Someone once asked us what our services were designed to do. Initially shocked by the simplicity of the question, we were then stumped by the complexity of the answer proffered.

Here is our attempt at a clear and simple answer:

  1. Our services make your NPO goals achievable.
  2. We allow charities to focus on achieving their mission statement with financial clarity of purpose and direction.
  3. We support improved communication and goal setting.
  4. The proof is that our clients recommend us.


Our Focus Areas

Financial Guidance and Mentoring

  • You should know more about your business than your auditor does. Our team will teach you how simple it is to understand financial information. We will also show you how to ensure you are getting the information you need.
  • Without proper forecasting and measurement your organization will be stagnate. We will help you develop budgeting and internal reporting.

Board Structure and Communication

  1. Driving board and management communication and development. Everyone should know who is leading change. We will help you understand the unique nature of your management and board structure. Each charity is different, we can help you take advantage of your strengths.
  2. Schedule one of our one or two day seminars on establishing goals and targets. We will work with your professional development committee, or manager, to make sure we are approaching and resolving your concerns by listening and engaging in productive dialogue.


  1. Are you hoping to re-evaluate the roles of management and the board to make certain that everyone is on the same track? Are you examining the mission and goals of your organization? We can help. Clarity NPO offers tailored seminars to help bring the decision makers together and develop the strategies you need to achieve success.
  2. As a CFO, it is challenging to keep up with accounting requirements, especially when you are focused on keeping the day-to-day operations on track. Join our monthly CFO Web Forum, where you get to discuss larger reporting challenges with others in the CFO role. In this unique grouping, Grant reviews accounting updates and organizes conversations about the problems you want to discuss. (Enrolment is limited.)


Our Process

Our process outlines how we roll up our sleeves and help make change:

We listen, learn, dialogue, and walk in your shoes.

Based on our findings and your insights, we prepare a thorough report with strategies, time tables and milestones.

With your team, we work together to implement your new strategies.

Clarity NPO will continue to monitor progress and course correct where needed.